About Fenway

Fenway High School is a Pilot School of the Boston Public Schools. Serving a diverse student body from across the city of Boston, our goal is to provide our students with the support they need to find academic success and become engaged, thoughtful citizens who are prepared for college and the world beyond.


The Pilot School Difference
Fenway’s designation as a Pilot School means extraordinary autonomy. At Fenway, we’re free to design a schedule and curriculum that meet the particular academic needs of the students we serve, creating alternative approaches and testing innovative new programs. Many of the programs and traits that make Fenway unique have emerged from this freedom:

• Fenway students can take courses at Emmanuel College, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Fisher College, receiving both high school and college credit. In past years, students have taken courses in Psychology, Statistics, Public Speaking, Computer Science, and Molecular Biology.

• Our Ventures program offers important real-world learning and support – including financial literacy seminars, job shadows, and six-week internships – alongside challenging academic work, giving our students opportunities for real success.

• Fenway students create comprehensive, reflective portfolios chronicling their academic journeys, which they present to their families, teachers, and advisors at the end of their junior year.

• Our integrated, interdisciplinary humanities curriculum combines English, history, and social studies, allowing students to find deep connections between subject areas.

• Fenway faculty members benefit from frequent professional development opportunities that make them better equipped to respond to our students’ academic, social-emotional, and practical needs.

To read more about the history of Boston Pilot Schools and the Pilot School model, visit the Center for Collaborative Education.