Strategic Priorities

Fenway’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, A Plan for the Future, identified five strategic goals:

GOAL ONE: Advance educational excellence and academic achievement


Conduct Curriculum Alignment

Increase Special Education Capacity

Expand Programming for English Language Learners

Review House Structure and Schedule

Sustain Local Control of Curriculum and Assessment

Create Extended Learning Opportunities

GOAL TWOImprove Post-Graduate Success


Assemble and Maintain Data on Post Graduate Higher Education Success

Enhance College Counseling Program

Assess Impact of Current Curriculum and Curriculum Changes on Student Success

Improve SAT/ACT test preparation courses

Support Graduates in their Higher Education Programs

Enhance Senior Advisory’s Impact on Preparation for Life after FHS

Expand Tutoring Opportunities

Streamline Relationships with Community Based Organizations that focus on college retention

Enhance Parental Advocacy for the Students and the Students’ Post FHS Success

GOAL THREEEnsure Smooth Transition to Mission Hill and Beyond


Ensure Final Architectural Designs Reflect Needs of Instructional Programming and Construction is Completed to Specification and in a timely fashion

Establish Regular communications Regarding Facility and Transition with all Constituents

Sustain and Enhance the Culture of Fenway High School before, during and after the move to Mission Hill

Maintain Current Partnerships as well as Develop New ones presented by the move to Mission Hill

Maintain strong relationships within the faculty and staff of FHS throughout the move

Maintain a Safe Environment for all faculty, staff, and students in the new location

GOAL FOUR: Increase awareness of Fenway and Expand Fundraising Capabilities and Financial Stability


Increase Overall Support

Fully Utilize Opportunities Presented by 30th Anniversary Event

Engage Entire Board of Trustees in Fundraising

Develop a Marketing Program

Strengthen Alumni Participation

Develop and Maintain New Partnerships

GOAL FIVE: Review and Plan Governance and Succession Planning

: Fenway Strategic Plan