The House System

The house system is just another way Fenway creates a unique sense of community. Upon admission, each student is assigned to a “house” – Phoenix, Omega, or Crossroads. Students take classes with members of their house and remain with the same teachers through the end of their junior year. Students get to know each other in and out of the classroom and become comfortable with one another, learning to take risks in a safe and familiar setting so that by the time they are seniors they are confident, eager to explore academically, and prepared for a college environment. Teachers are able to begin the school year with an understanding of each student’s learning style, strengths and weaknesses, and educational background, and are therefore able to continue the curriculum where they left off and to tailor the path of each course to students’ interests and needs.

Students have ample opportunities to interact with members of other houses through school wide Community Days, arts and physical education courses, clubs and organizations, and athletics. However, the house system provides the supportive framework and smaller sense of community many students need early in their high school careers, and is a vital part of the Fenway experience.