Ventures is a grade 11-12 program that teaches students how to interact effectively with adults in the workplace and to find the resources they need for success in college or in a chosen field of work. Ventures goals are:

To help students develop initiative, resourcefulness, communication and problem-solving skills, respect for others, self-discipline and self-confidence.

To understand and be able to use basic business, financial and entrepreneurial concepts and tools.

To learn to network with community agencies and entrepreneurs and to build relationships that provide opportunities, resources and mentoring.

In the junior year of Ventures, students research, develop and “pitch” a proposal for a business or service they feel is needed in their community. The Pitch is held at a business site, and is judged by outside adults acting as would-be investors. In senior year, students do career exploration and job shadows. In their last term of high school, they enter six-week, fulltime (unpaid) internships at professional worksites, which they largely arrange themselves. Every Fenway intern does a major project that benefits his or her worksite. Successful completion of the senior internship is a graduation requirement.