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Visit us

Fenway has a long tradition of welcoming visitors into its “community of learners”. We honor and appreciate connections with other educators, members of our community, and collaborators who are committed to giving young people a quality education. We hope that our visitors find value in observing us at work. Our staff and students find value in the insight, feedback and new ideas that visitors bring.

Fenway’s Visitor Program is structured to provide a coherent, broad-based experience of Fenway High School, while also giving visitors opportunities to observe classes and talk with staff and students about particular areas of school practice. Feedback from prior visitors has been overwhelmingly positive and appreciative: “The day was inspirational for its organization, for staff cordiality, and for the students’ welcome… Very impressed. The day was well organized and informative.” We look forward to meeting you and other visitors this year at Fenway! It always inspires us to share our school with people who are trying to make schools better for all students.

Visit Schedule

Our visits are tightly scheduled so that visitors may enjoy a variety of experiences at Fenway. To schedule a visit please contact Robin Cohen, Director of Development and School Partnerships at rcohen@fenwayhs.org or 617-635-9911 ext. 45524


The fee is $150 per person, prepaid 10 workdays in advance. Per person fee for groups of five or more is $125.
Cancellations with less than 10 workdays advance notice will not be reimbursed. If cancellation has been caused by weather or other extenuating circumstances, visitors may be scheduled for another Fenway Visitor Day.


Applicants should apply at least one month in advance of their visit, so that participating Fenway teachers and student hosts can plan accordingly.
Once an application has been received, Fenway’s Visitor Coordinator will work with the contact person to schedule the visit, clarify the purpose and focus for all individuals who will be coming and arrange for payment of fees. View the Visitor Application