Fenway High School Work Hard. Be Yourself. Do The Right Thing


“If even one person in a school knows him/her well enough to care, a student’s chances of success go up dramatically.”
–Theodore Sizer

This quotation summarizes the mindset behind our Advisory program. Every year, each student is assigned to a faculty member who serves as their advisor. On an individual level, advisors assist students in creating personalized education plans and serve as direct links between the school and the home, maintaining regular communication with families and addressing parent/guardian questions and concerns.

Advisories also meet in small groups to discuss social-emotional issues and to prepare students for their futures. Students develop close relationships with other members of their Advisory while developing life skills. Advisory involves:

  • Reflective writing
  • Developing strong public speaking and debate skills
  • Violence prevention activities and discussion
  • Analyzing Facing History and Ourselves (link to their website) case studies
  • Study skills and time management workshops
  • Hearing from motivational speakers
  • Preparing for portfolio deadlines and exhibitions
  • Discussing community and teen issues in a safe, supportive environment
  • Creating strategies to make informed, responsible decisions in social situations

All advisories also cover specific topics depending on grade level:

9th and 10th Grades
Students focus on the “Fenway Tool Kit,” covering topics such as:

  • Skills and habits that support students’ readiness for learning
  • Mental health and stress reduction
  • Fenway’s “safety guidelines”
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Time management
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Sexual health

10th and 11th Grades
Students begin to explore options for college and career opportunities, preparing for their lives beyond Fenway and thinking about how they can use the skills they have acquired here in the future.